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[Also posted at the Real Story Group Blog] I’m excited and proud to announce the new Digital Asset Management Maturity Model (DAM3). Its a collaborative effort between Real Story Group, Optimity Advisors, DAM Foundation and Henry Stewart. I’m especially happy because personally for me, it was a rewarding experience to work with some of the […]

ECM3 continues to be incredibly popular – we just passed the 8,500 mark and that is not counting those that accessed the model via the MIKE2.0 route. In addition there is a new derivative model in development for Digital Asset Management……  Why not let us know if you have used the model, give us your […]

First of all thanks for you patience, as we all have day jobs the truth is we have not had the time to work on this recently. However……we are hoping to release a Version 2 of the model in late summer. For those of you who have asked to become contributors we will get in […]

As the others have mentioned it has taken a lot of work to get the model this far, in fact it has taken about 2 years. We had some great feedback from some ‘guru’ level reviewers before release and special mentions certainly need to be made to Ganesh Vednere, Paul McTaggart and Len Asprey for […]