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[Also posted at the Real Story Group Blog] I’m excited and proud to announce the new Digital Asset Management Maturity Model (DAM3). Its a collaborative effort between Real Story Group, Optimity Advisors, DAM Foundation and Henry Stewart. I’m especially happy because personally for me, it was a rewarding experience to work with some of the […]

ECM3 continues to be incredibly popular – we just passed the 8,500 mark and that is not counting those that accessed the model via the MIKE2.0 route. In addition there is a new derivative model in development for Digital Asset Management……  Why not let us know if you have used the model, give us your […]

ECM3 is without a doubt the most successful maturity model for ECM with downloads of the model passing the 5,000 mark recently. The fact that it was a work of love by ourselves at Real Story Group and the good folk at Wipro, given as a pure open source model to the community has probably […]

As we are rapidly approaching the 4,000 mark for downloads (amazing!) today we have uploaded version 2.0 of the maturity model.  In truth the model has not changed that much, but we have incorporated a slew of minor comments from the community. In our day to day work we find that we increasingly recommend the […]

Last month marked the 1 year anniversary of the launch of the open source ECM Maturity model, ECM3. Despite the huge amount of work that went into developing the model, we launched to very little fanfare yet it seems to have helped fill a need. So, to mark this birthday, I thought I’d share some […]

A short intro to the model here, hopefully providing a little context.

First of all thanks for you patience, as we all have day jobs the truth is we have not had the time to work on this recently. However……we are hoping to release a Version 2 of the model in late summer. For those of you who have asked to become contributors we will get in […]