Version 2.0 Launched!


As we are rapidly approaching the 4,000 mark for downloads (amazing!) today we have uploaded version 2.0 of the maturity model.  In truth the model has not changed that much, but we have incorporated a slew of minor comments from the community.

In our day to day work we find that we increasingly recommend the model to our clients so that they can do a quick sanity check as to where they as an organization stand, or to do a more thorough assessment. It seems to work well either way.

It remains free and fully open source – just click, download and use.  We do though ask that if you have had success (or otherwise) to let us know – and if you want to contribute and add to it further to do so and again keep us in the loop.

Here’s to the most successful ECM Maturity model of them all 🙂

2 Responses to “Version 2.0 Launched!”

  1. Thank you so much to the EMC3 team! This is a terrifically useful model to start an in-depth, serious ECM conversation that non-techies can grasp.

  2. useful !!!! and great choice to put every one in the same page of content

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