ECM3 Slideshare Introduction


A short intro to the model here, hopefully providing a little context.

4 Responses to “ECM3 Slideshare Introduction”

  1. Hi!
    I’m in charge of the ECM practice at Fujitsu Belgium and Luxembourg and I’d like to familiarize with the model in order to see if we can reuse it as part of our discussions with customers.


    Yannis Nakos

  2. Hi Yannis,
    you are welcome to use the model as you like – it is a true open source model, so the only thing we ask is that you consider sharing any lessons learned by using it in the future!
    Best 🙂

  3. There's dnlieitefy a challenge in any actual application of models, since they are rather theoretically constructed. It is not always obvious to determine that a case fully and completely falls into one of the "boxes". There are often hybrid, intermediary stages where most companies end up falling into.I look forward to seeing how your model clearly categorizes and distributes cases.

  4. 4 alan pelz-sharpe

    Hi Sachin, as ECM3 is an open source model, maybe we could ask you to explore this further and share your results?

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