How we see the model evolving


As the others have mentioned it has taken a lot of work to get the model this far, in fact it has taken about 2 years.
We had some great feedback from some ‘guru’ level reviewers before release and special mentions certainly need to be made to Ganesh Vednere, Paul McTaggart and Len Asprey for their great reviews that really helped inform version 1.
We all hope that this will prove to be of value to the industry as a whole, and that it’s applicability and practical uses can be further fleshed out over the coming months and years. In the meantime do continue to send in your thoughts, comments and potential revisions – we will take a first look at AIIM Expo, Philadelphia, and then get the development and maintenance processes launched more formally.
I have to echo Apoorv of Wipro, and say this has also been an excellent experience for me – and I too have learned lots in the process, I think the model has much more to teach us 🙂

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